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Boys and Girls Club enjoying Kayaking Inner City Outings (ICO), is a community outreach program of the Sierra Club. This program seeks to provide urban youth and adults with positive outdoor experiences. The goal of ICO is to allow participants to discover the beauty of wild places and learn how to enjoy and protect our wild environments. By bringing people of diverse backgrounds into the environmental community, it is hoped that the ICO program strengthens the ranks of the environmental movement at large.
Cooling off in the Duck River after a day of fun The Nashville ICO Group works with several local agencies and community centers to lead hikes and other outings. The program is made possible by its volunteers who give generously of their time and skills to participate in training, receive first aid education, and lead outings. Financial support from foundations and individuals is always needed and appreciated.
Teaching kids about nature at Radnor Lake The first Inner City Outings took place in 1971 in San Francisco. Since then, this Sierra Club program has spread all across the country, helping youth, who normally wouldn't have the chance, explore and love the great outdoors. However, we can not do it without people who love to share their enthusiasm for kids, teaching, and having fun.
Please contact one of the people below, letting them know you want to help out. Before you know it, you will be having more fun than the kids!

Co-Chairs - Craig Jervis and Joy Mayfield joy.mayfield@comcast.net
Treasurer - Scott Heflinger
Agency Outreach - Joy Mayfield - joy.mayfield@comcast.net

Leaders are: Craig Jervis, Marcia Jervis, Joy Mayfield, Betty Ann Lay, Amy Anders, Betsy Garber, Suzanne Petrey, Christopher Anderson, Lynette King, Mike and Nancy Robinson

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